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ICEPP 2019


Mediated by technology information and high mobility of people the world today is becoming paradoxically diverse but uniformed. There is a high demand to schools, universities, and other educational institutions to accommodate differences in the society. The differences include gender, race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, social-economic status, sexuality and ability. More and more governments encourage inclusive education to provide equal access for all regardless of their differences.  Yet, globalisation also demands uniformity. Neoliberalism views education as a vehicle to produce neoliberal agents who will benefit global economic growth.  Global and international assessment such as PISA, demands almost every government to adjust to an international standard. Education, thus, becoming more uniformed; yet, the demand to inclusive education is also high. Taking diversity into account in the midst of global educational agenda is a challenge for practitioners, providers, organiser, policymakers, and scholars in education. This conference provides a forum for all education stakeholders to discuss issues related to diversity in education and its complexity, controversies, challenges and benefit of promoting and implementing diversity in education in the globalised world. 
We will publish selected papers presented at the conference in ISI/Thomson Reuters-Indexed proceeding and we will publish papers that are not accepted for publication by the indexed proceeding in a proceeding with ISBN. (http://icepp.event.upi.edu/)

Suzanna, M.Pd dan H.Barnawi, M.Si menghadiri ICEPP 2019

International Conference on Educational Psychology and Pedagogy atau disingkat ICEPP digelar kembali pada tanggal 2 Mei 2019 bertepatan dengan Hari Pendidikan Nasional.
Bertempat di Aston Tropicana Hotel Bandung, Uniersitas Pendidikan Indonesia selaku penyelenggara mengadirkan pembicara yang sangat kompeten dibidangnya.

 IAI Bunga Bangsa dengan bangga dapat ikut berpartisapi dalam konferensi international ini. Salah satu dosen IAI Bunga Bangsa Cirebon, Suzanna M.Pd berpartisipasi sebagai Presenter dalam konferensi ini.

Suzanna, M.Pd saat menjadi presenter ICEPP 2019

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